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The goal of LifeGroups is to foster discipleship by living life together providing a casual, intimate atmosphere to grow closer to Christ through prayer, accountability, sacrificial love and studying scripture.




Prayer  We should pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ on a daily basis. LifeGroups provide a strategic group for whom to pray and depend on for prayer so every member is prayed for by name on a consistent basis.

Accountability  A true disciple must experience accountability from another believer. Everyone misses days reading the bible and struggles with sin. LifeGroups provide intentional accountability from other concerned brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sacrifical love  Christ loved us sacrificially on the cross and we should also love our brothers and sisters. Everyone has heartaches and difficult times physically as well as spiritually. LifeGroups provide care for anyone who is hurting by loving each member of your life group sacrificially.

Studying Scripture  Reading and studying the Bible is where true spiritual growth is rooted. LifeGroups provide a safe place where scripture can be taught and discussed in a consistent manner to facilitate stronger scriptural Christians.

LifeGroups meet in various homes around the area as well as in the Family Life Center on different days throughout the week.